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Chome Vantage Point

The Vantage Point project is an endeavour to to bridge the gap between physical and virtual spaces, unlocking endless exploration, education, and archiving potential. Our work enables us to replicate physical gallery spaces into dynamic digital spaces that can be explored anytime, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection.

For education...


Virtual galleries enable the integration of multimedia content such as videos, audio guides, and interactive elements, enhancing engagement and understanding of artworks, historical artifacts, and cultural contexts. Consider the educational value of being able to provide deep, multi-layered contexts through an explorable digital space.

For archiving...


Imagine having the ability to walk through past events, exhibits, and installations years after they’ve been dismantled.

Digital archives serve as comprehensive documentation of past exhibitions, providing galleries with valuable records for reference, analysis, and planning future events. Curators and historians can revisit exhibitions years later, gaining new perspectives and insights into artistic trends and themes.

For donor stewardship...

Imagine engaging benefactors around the world, allowing them to explore the exhibitions and collections they helped make possible.

Chome Vantage Point offers a pathway to deepen donor involvement and inspire continued support for your organization's mission, by letting them experience the magic 

For accessibility...

Imagine what this technology could mean for people with limited mobility or specific accessibility concerns.

By digitizing galleries and exhibitions, we can make art accessible to people around the world, regardless of geographical location or physical ability.

Try for yourself

Click below to explore our demo gallery in 3D. As you do so, imagine using this technology for your space. Consider the applications and possibilities of having a fully-explorable virtual space for your global audience to explore new events, exhibitions, and gallery showings as they exist in the real world.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 1.32.59 PM.png

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